Albert Du Plessis (b. 1993) started his career in art in 2019 with his first brush of oil paint on a linen canvas. Since then he has achieved extraordinary feats, considering it's only been a few years since he dedicated his life to art. His work can be seen in private collections and his piece "Son Kokon" exhibited in the Rupert museum Stellenbosch after he was selected as one of the top 100 finalists in the prestigious annual Rust-en-Vrede Gallery - PORTRAIT AWARD 2021.

Du Plessis graduated from the Open Window Institute in Pretoria with a Bachelor's degree of Arts (Film) in 2017. He worked as a sound engineer on international productions like Kumba the animation and recorded Breyten Breytenbachs' Katalekte poem recitation, Breytenbach being a renowned South African poet. He soon realised his love for art lies outside the boundaries of the commercial art industry. He has an intuitive understanding of sound and visual emotion which reflects in his work through color, rhythm, and composition.

Du Plessis used the internet to inform himself about everything he needs to know regarding painting and the art industry. He followed and learned from his mentor and instructor Cesar Santos, an acclaimed artist from Florance Italy; and studied the Charles Bargue Drawing Course which he ordered from abroad with the proceeds of his first work. His innate ability to use metaphors and symbols as well as a clear understanding of composition and color makes it possible for him to create messages through story, without movement, sound, or words.

In 2019, Du Plessis assisted South African sculptor Angus Taylor and his team at Dionysus Sculpture Works.

Du Plessis' work shows a classical approach executed with a strong modern temperament. This is indicative of his admiration for masters of the past and a rigorous adaptation to modern standards. He skillfully portrays and reconciles the dualities of Life in his work. Techniques of juxtaposing Light and Dark, Natural and Synthetic, Conscious and Subconscious, etc. is used with subtlety and emotion. His work explores the connection between the visible and invisible; the subjective and objective.

Du Plessis is influenced and inspired by our planet Earth with its complex cultural and historical diverse background and Nature as its science. He questions existence and being Human in the light of a modern technological era.

"If all once was One,

We are Now but notes, sung

as part of Creation's song

Here we Live to belong."