I'm Albert Du Plessis (b. 1993), and my oil painting journey began in 2019. While it's only been a short time, I've been fortunate to witness my work finding a place in private collections aboard and "Son Kokon" being exhibited at the esteemed Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch as part of the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery - PORTRAIT AWARD 2021's top 100 finalists.

Initially, I ventured into sound engineering, working on international productions, Kumba 2013 animation film and Katalekte by renowned South African Poët Breyten Breytenbach. However, my true passion for art soon emerged. My academic journey led to a Bachelor's degree in Arts (Film) in 2014-2017. I'm largely self-taught but my mentor, Cesar Santos, an acclaimed artist from Florence, Italy, whom I discovered on Youtube in 2018, taught me the foundations of the classical painting process. I draw inspiration from both classical masters and modern Artist circles. Additionally, I had the privilege of assisting South African sculptor Angus Taylor and his team at Dionysus Sculpture Works in 2019, an invaluable experience that enriched my artistic perspective.

I strive to convey messages through feeling in my art, exploring the interplay between the visible and the invisible, the subjective and the objective. My work is a reflection of my deep appreciation for our diverse planet and the natural world, as I contemplate the complexities of existence in our modern, technology-driven era.

Brief artistic history

2012 - Matriculated Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool

2013 - Audio engineering internship under Gerhard Roux- Stellenbosch University

2014-2017 - Graduated Open Window Institute - Bachelor's degree in Arts (Film) South Africa

2018 - Made my first oil painting

2019 - Assistant at Dionysus Sculpture works

2021 - Top 100 finalists in the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery - PORTRAIT AWARD 2021. Stellenbosch

2022 - Completed two of my biggest paintings yet "Wilskrag" and "Sweep oog"

2023 - Work to be shipped aboard - Belgium

"If all once was One,

We are Now but notes, sung

as part of Creation's song

Here we Live to belong."